Introducing Theodore S. Ransaw, Ph.D., C.B.T.P.

Who I Am

I’m a professor, researcher, and classroom teacher.

Problem I Solve

I help educators improve student engagement, increase persistence, and build stronger connections with students.

People I Serve

Teachers, principals, and superintendents who need professional development deliverables.

What I Provide

Professional development is a hallmark of teacher quality. Teachers need professional development delivered in a simple and comprehensible way. I offer practical, strategic, and adaptable planning content that affirms student identity and supports student success regardless of a teacher’s race, gender, or ethnicity.

Researched Based

I draw my professional development content from many peer-reviewed journals and several academic publications including my own. I served as the senior editor for the book series International Race and Education published by Michigan State University Press which includes the volumes Teaching to Close the Achievement Gap for Students of Color, Emerging Issues and Trends in Education, Closing Education Achievement Gaps for African American Males, and The Handbook of Research on Black Males. I have also co-authored several chapters such as Literacy Diversity and College Study Skills, More Than Cultural Competency Alone: The Related and Unrelated Relationship of Cultural Competency, Self-identity, and Academic identity, as well as Emerging Trends in Education Policy: Unapologetic progressive conversationsMy latest book is Mindful Teaching Practices for Black Male Achievement: A Student-Focused Guide for Educators, published by Rowman & Littlefield.

Classroom Focused

I created Mindful Teaching Practices Consulting to be effective for teacher professional development and educational learning communities. Mindful Teaching Practices features tailor-made sessions crafted for the unique needs of every building and district. Services include short and to-the-point content for certifications based on research-informed and classroom-focused content that includes practical resources.


I’m the former Achievement Gap Specialist for Males of Color in the state of Michigan and the former Director of the Lion’s Den Mentorship Program for at-risk youth. My current position is the Literacy and Diversity Specialist for the Office of K-12 Outreach in the College of Education at Michigan State University. I received my Ph.D. in curriculum and instruction, with a concentration in multicultural and international education. I’m also a Visible Learning Presenter, I have training in Adolescent Critical Reading Intervention ACRI, I am also a certified education coach as well as a cognitive-behavioral therapist practitioner.

Organizations I’ve Worked With

  • U.S. Department of Education, Office of Civil Rights – Washington, DC
  • 8th Judicial District Court, Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Michigan Virtual, Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • Clark County School District – Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Reading School District – Reading, Pennsylvania



Consulting services can help schools and districts foster a culture of continuous improvement. Consulting services could focus on topics such as mindful practices, social-emotional learning, leadership development, or technology integration. Through these services, districts can receive guidance from experts in the field that can help to develop initiatives and strategies to promote a positive and healthy school environment. Additionally, consulting services could provide support to school or district staff to ensure that initiatives are implemented properly and effectively.


The goal is to create an environment of support, trust, and collaboration within the workplace. This could involve the use of various meditative techniques to create a calm atmosphere, the ability for staff to identify moments of stress and work to reduce them, and the implementation of specific techniques to promote team development. Additionally, one-on-one coaching sessions can provide an opportunity for individualized feedback and guidance for staff members and the availability of resources for staff members can encourage further professional development.


Mindful workshops for teachers and staff can be a great way to promote wellness in the workplace. These workshops could include activities such as guided meditation, relaxation and breathing exercises, and stress management techniques. Additionally, these workshops could provide a space for discussion and collaboration about how to create a safe and healthy work environment. The topics could also cover managing work-life balance, stress management, developing communication skills, and promoting self-care.


The real value is offering your teachers an opportunity to sit with a Black male classroom teacher, professor, and researcher who had both good and bad experiences in school. So how do we take my content and your context and develop a coaching session that fits your needs?

Discovery Call – Free

An initial conversation to see how I can help

Mindful Teaching Coaching

Coaching one or one and up to 5 or small groups (5-8)

Mindful Teaching Consulting

Seminars, fellowships, and workshops

Mindful Teaching Practices Full Service


Memberships and Organizations I belong to

Coaching 101, 2013-Present

EPFP – Education Policy Foundation Program, 2012-Present

WSSA – World Social Science Association, 2006-Present

AERA – American Educators and Researchers Association, 2012-Present

LRA – Literacy Research Association, 2012-Present

Visible Learning Presenter

Adolescent Critical Reading Intervention ACRI


Service Price Duration Category
Coaching 2500.00 1:0 Mindful Teaching Practices
Workshops 5000.00 1:0 Mindful Teaching Practices
Consulting 5000.00 1:0 Mindful Teaching Practices


Mindful Teaching Consulting Overview

Mindful Teaching Consulting Services

Don’t Give Up

Engaging Black Males

What others have said about Ransaw’s coaching and professional development

The presentation helped organize
our thinking
(Coaching 101 Networking Conference Participant)

I appreciate the insight on how to reach the colored child – thanks for the research – great job!
(Coaching 101 Networking Conference Participant)

Hearing from an expert on his
subject field
(Coaching 101 Networking Conference Participant)

Dispelled some myths regarding African American males and trends of
other races
(Coaching 101 Networking Conference Participant)

The strategies presented on the sheets that addressed behaviors in the classroom were very useful.
(Coaching 101 Networking Conference Participant)

Interactions with peers and discussion of strategies
(Coaching 101 Participant)

Entire presentation was interesting
(Skillman Schools Fellowship of Instructional Leaders Participant)

Practical strategies
(Skillman Schools Fellowship of Instructional Leaders Participant)

Role playing from coaching perspective
(Skillman Schools Fellowship of Instructional Leaders Participant)

Best practices were very helpful
(Skillman Schools Fellowship of Instructional Leaders Participant)

Presentation was presented in an entertaining format
(Skillman Schools Fellowship of Instructional Leaders Participant)

Length of presentation was very good pacing and interactions were helpful
(Skillman Schools Fellowship of Instructional Leaders Participant)

The Importance of Teacher Student Relationships – Free E-book




Here at Mindful Teaching Practices, we believe that fostering an environment of acceptance, respect, and understanding is essential to successful learning. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via email, or phone.

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